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Resistance Training Program

Individual Training

Micah Watkins training clients

Individualized training sessions are geared towards specificity of training principals tailored to the needs of individuals ages 10 and up. All sessions incorporate core strengthening, balance, upper body strength, lower body strength and flexibility.

Group and Team Training

This is a fun and cost effective means of developing chemistry among sports teams, a group of friends or even getting to know individuals ages 10 and up whom you may have to interact with on a daily basis. The most important part of group training iscompetitionand accountability from teammates, peers and again people whom you may not have contact with outside of the session.

In-Home and On Site Training Programs

Micah Watkins training clients in a group setting

Gym memberships can take away from the motivational piece of training which is a big part of starting a training program and sticking with it. We come to you whether it is in the confines your home, workplace or facility (gym, park).

Body Composition

As part of the program, trainees and campers also have the opportunity to have the body composition measurements taken. Many people focus on the scale and the number, but BTC Fitness focuses on gains in particular inches off the waist. This is the most important component of the conditioning program and gives individuals incentive to continue with the program.

Client Testimonial
I have had Micah Watkins as my personal trainer for over 18 months now. I will try to put into words how pleased and happy I am with what an effective, knowledgeable and caring trainer he is. He is able to make every work-out different from the last, so the routines never get boring at all. He is able to push me a little harder every time too. He does seem to know my limits, and does sternly but gently encourage me to get there. He has truly helped me build on my own self confidence in achieving goals that I didn’t think possible. I feel that it is very important for a client to have a positive connection with their trainer in order to succeed. I believe that Micah absolutely has the best interest in his client’s well being and physical health and does and will do anything in his power to see the client achieve it. I have worked with other trainers in my life and have never stuck with them. They gave me the feeling that they simply didn’t really care and were simply putting in their time. Where I do feel and know that Micah does sincerely care about you as a person. He is truly caring and very professional at his job. I would highly recommend Micah to anyone, no matter what age or gender to have as their Personal Trainer. I couldn’t be happier.
- Cynthia B, Minnetonka, MN