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Personal Bio

Micah Watkins demonstrating an exercise

Micah has been in the field of strength and conditioning coaching for over 25 years. Micah designs programs for athletes and non-athletes that have been beneficial for their progress towards each individual person's goals. Micah also enjoys working with anyone who is looking to improve his or her physical, spiritual and mental well-being, working with individuals who have goals ranging from losing weight, improving sports performance, balance, flexibility and being able to reduce minor aches and pains resulting from improper posture, muscle alignment, or improving overall well being.

Education and Certifications

  • MS Exercise Science Wayne State College
  • BSc Sports Medicine North Park University
  • Human Movement Specialist (HMS)
  • AED/First Aid/CPR American Red Cross

Client Testimonial
Our boys worked with Micah twice a week over the past spring and summer. It was a great transformation of core growth and overall strength. From this, their confidence grew helping them to be more successful in their sports, especially in basketball. The intensity of the work outs were unlike anything they had participated in before which is why their bodies gained so much from it. They learned many new ways to work out, in a safe manner for their ages and growing bodies. It gave them a great sense of satisfaction to see what hard work and proper training can do for a young athlete and that hard work pays off in many ways. The boys have a great respect for Micah as he lives what he teaches. They see him as a role model for what superior training provides and desire the same thing, and work harder for him as they believe in what he teaches.
- Mark S, Inver Grove Heights, MN